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I got a submission from someone.

They asked if it was okay that they were submitting calls because they’re a rower, not a cox.

Of course it’s okay! Rowers are certainly allowed to submit calls; actually, I really welcome them. As both a cox and a rower, I know it’s very important for the two types to have excellent communication. Rowers have to listen to and understand the calls, so it makes perfect sense for them to tell what calls they have.

Also, (slightly unrelated) I’d also like to hear what things motivate you. In a race, what is the best way to motivate you to do your absolute best?

…you accidentally tell people to weigh ‘nuff.

Hi! i'm a varisty girls and boys coxsawin for pittsford crew (i rowed for 2 years and i've coxed for 3). i was wondering if you had any good ideas for motivational race calls! I looked on your calls page but i didn't see anything. we have a race this weekend at states in 9 nine days i wanted some new calls. Thank you!
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What people like to hear in the boat is pretty individual, so make sure to talk to them about what they want.

A few ideas are:

  • lots of power tens. they don’t even have to make sense, just make your rowers go as hard as they can.
  • tell them when they’re taking seats. moving on a boat makes you push so much harder, so make sure they know if they’re walking through a crew.
  • power fives/tens for each pair. i.e. “bow pair, take a ten to move up two seats/ take a ten for stern pair”
  • remind them why they’re there. your rowers haven’t come to the race to lose and it’s your job to remind them of that.

suggestions are welcome! i have a really bad headache so i apologize if this doesn’t completely make sense.


i love it when my cox tells us that the race is ours if we want it or that we can take first place if we want it. also going through the boat and naming all your rowers individually helps each rower stay focused
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…you don’t think in left and rights anymore, you think in port and starboard.

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